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Ningbo Guoyu Industrial Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection development, design and production, marketing, installation, commissioning and integration of professional firms. Our products involved are: belt line series, plate chain, speed chain line series, electronic plug-in line, ring trolley line series, air suspension lines, power drum line, drum line without power series, all kinds of lifting machine translation, jacking rotary machine, drying oven, test sets, tables, 90-180 degree plate chain, belt line corners, no power assembly workbench and nonstandard equipment, can provide customers with products of the Ministry of equipment , assembly, testing, packaging, and out of the library so the whole production process to achieve the ideal of economic benefits.

In people-oriented companies, customer-oriented philosophy, reputation first, quality first customer for business purposes, over the years established in Ningbo and the surrounding areas are: Yunsheng Group, Vanguard Group, Veken Group, Aux Group, Sunbright Electric Power Co., Ltd., Ningbo Bird Pacific Garment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Darfur kai Electric Co., the United States and Electric Co., Ltd. Ningbo Cixi Gold Coast Electric Co., Ltd., Ningbo Miyuki Mitsubishi Electric Co. Ltd., Ningbo Exact Long Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd., Ningbo Jia Li Plastic Co., Ltd., Fujian train Motor Company.

Create value for our customers we have been pursuing the goal, we firmly believe that only a win-win is the development direction of the enterprise, we will continue in strict accordance with customer requirements, to produce good quality products to unrequited customer support and trust!

I believe that our integrity will return the favor of the market;

I believe that our quality products will stand out from the competition;

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